fire1The Concepts: Students will learn about the dangers of fire and what to do if they see a fire; call 911 and stop, drop and roll. They will discuss the concept that air is all around them and that air is needed to breathe. They will also discuss that when there is a fire, the fire will burn the air out of an area which makes it hard to breathe, which is why a fireman must wear a mask to help them breathe during a fire. The children will be shown 3 jars; small, medium, and large and will be told that there is air in each inverted jar. They will find that the bigger the jar, the more air inside. Next a candle will be placed under each jar and the children will count how long it takes for the air to burn out of each jar, thus extinguishing the candle. At the end of the lesson each child will have a chance to blow out a candle using the air in their lungs. Students will count and compare sizes small, medium, and large.



Check out the video for this activity here.