The Concepts: Children will use their sense of smell to sniff cross sections of evergreen trees. You can use donated Christmas trees, with trunks cut into 1- to 2-inch sections, or you can buy the tree blocks online. Students will put things in order from smallest to largest, use a hand lens to get a closer look at the rings of the trees, and use a tape measure to determine the distance across tree blocks and the height of their structures. The concept of recycling can also be introduced in this lesson.










Check out the video for this activity here.

The Concept: Students will sort, count, graph, and make comparisons with a variety of lids. My nickname for this lesson is “Making Something out of Nothing at All.” Accumulating huge lid collections is easy. Simply put a box somewhere in the school, and ask families to recycle by bringing in used lids. You will find that the children tend to play with these items more than commercial toys.


View the video for this activity here.